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Directions to the AMAFCA Office

The AMAFCA Office can be difficult to find if you've never been here before. We are the only thing on our one-block-long stretch of Prospect. We are located "behind" the Holiday Inn Express and Applebee's on Menaul.

From I-40: Take the Carlisle exit from I-40 and go north. Turn west (left) onto Menaul, then south (left) on Vassar, just before the light at Vassar. Vassar deadends at Prospect Avenue. Turn east (left) onto Prospect and you will see the AMAFCA office just ahead.

From Menaul west of University: Head east on Menaul. Turn south (right) on Vassar, just past the light at Vassar. Turn east (left) onto Prospect and you will see the AMAFCA office just ahead.

From Menaul east of Carlisle: Head west on Menaul. Turn south (left) onto Vassar just before the light at Vassar. Turn east (left) onto Prospect and you will see the AMAFCA office just ahead.

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Downloadable Maps

Thumbnail Title Description Page Size File Size Date
Maintenance Map Maintenance Map

A map of the various ditches, arroyos, channels, and other drainage facilities in the greater Albuquerque area, color-coded as to which agency has the responsibility of maintaining the facility.

48" x 36" 4.53 MB 8/16/2016
more to come in the future          


Interactive Maps


  Title Description
  Interactive Map

A web application that gives you all the information on the downloadable Maintenance Map, and more.


more maps to come in the future


AMAFCA has the 2012 MRCOG Orthophotography and the 2010 MRCOG LIDAR Digital Terrain Model available on portable hard drives for checkout from the AMAFCA office. We also have older orthophotography and DTM data available. Contact Kevin Troutman, GIS Manager, for information.

Downloadable Shapefiles:

    Description Filename Size Date
  AMAFCA Districts AMAFCA_Districts.zip 58 KB 3/12/2015
      Linear Drainage Shapefile Linear_Drainage.zip 433 KB 7/13/2016
      Point Drainage Shapefile Point_Drainage.zip 17 KB 7/13/2016
      Polygon Drainage Shapefile Polygon_Drainage.zip 92 KB 7/13/2016
      Water Quality Shapefile Water_Quality.zip 19 KB 7/13/2016
      Watersheds Shapefile Watersheds.zip 66 KB 1/17/2014

For more immediate access of orthophotos, Bernalillo County has several years of orthophotos available for download, along with a number of shapefiles. Clicking on the desired year's download link on the County page takes you to a page of information about that year's orthoimagery. The actual files are obtained by clicking on "Link to Ortho Folder" at the bottom of that page, or on the years desired in this paragraph.

For more information about these datasets and others, including surface models and contours, go to Bernalillo County’s GIS Program webpage. From that page, there are links to download GIS Data, GIS Maps, Orthoimagery, the Zone Atlas, Zoning Permits, and Surface Models & Contours.