Southeast Valley Drainage and Storm Water Quality Management Plan Project

AMAFCA contracted Wilson & Company, Inc. in July 2009 to prepare a drainage and storm water quality management plan (DMP) for a watershed covering 19,000 acres, with a study area concentrated on about 7,000 acres, in the southeast valley. The study area is roughly bounded by Rio Bravo on the north, Interstate 25 on the east and south, and the Rio Grande to the west, and includes Mesa del Sol and the Mountain View neighborhood. Bernalillo County also contributed funding for the DMP.

The southeast valley had not been studied with a comprehensive drainage management plan  since 1987.  Since that time, new criteria for hydrologic analysis and storm water quality have been established. For the water quality component, the DMP identified known and possible areas of contamination and propose onsite treatment options. This survey will aid AMAFCA and the County in complying with the new requirements of our separate EPA MS-4 storm water discharge permits.

The area has not undergone large-scale development, so a DMP to identify drainage corridors, ponding areas and water quality treatment opportunities is crucial. Currently, the existing drainage and irrigation facilities are overwhelmed in a large storm event.  The DMP identifies proposed drainage facilities and construction costs for future drainage projects in the area.  As with other DMPs, construction of these facilities will be negotiated with other federal and local agencies and built out over a number of years.

A public meeting to discuss the DMP and gain your input was held on Tuesday, April 19, 2011, at the Mountain View Community Center. See the postcard invitation for further information about the public meeting.

The presentation from the meeting is available here as a pdf (nearly 5 MB in size - allow time for it to download. It will open in a separate window or tab of your browser). The exhibits displayed at the meeting are also available as pdfs. Click on the exhibit name below to open the exhibit in a separate window or tab of your browser:

The comment period on the Drainage Management Plan ended on June 20, 2011.

For more information about the project, call Lynn Mazur, 884-2215.