Upper Piedras Marcadas Watershed (Volcano Heights) Drainage and Water Quality Management Plan

Note: The Public Meeting mentioned in the schedule below was held December 17, 2013, from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Desert Greens Golf Course, 10035 Country Club Lane Northwest. There was an Open House from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m., with a presentation to follow. See Notice for further details, including a map of the project area and the meeting location. Ad. Available documents from the public meeting include:

In April 2013, AMAFCA contracted with Wilson & Company, Inc. to study the storm water infrastructure required for the development of the Volcano Heights Sector Development Plan area.  Volcano Heights is generally north of Paseo del Norte, west of the Petroglyph National Monument and east of Universe Boulevard. 

AMAFCA Project Manager and Storm Water Quality Engineer, Karen Stearns, P.E., has been meeting with property owners in Volcano Heights in order to introduce them to the project and solicit feedback. If you are a property owner in Volcano Heights and would like to learn about the project, including reimbursement options for storm water infrastructure, please contact Ms. Stearns at (505) 884-2215 to set up an appointment.

The scope of the project includes:

Task Description
Review the previous drainage studies for the surrounding area. Completed
Identify the existing storm water infrastructure in the area (such as storm drain, pondds, channels, and dams) Completed
Perform field reconnaissance in order to evaluate the existing topography, including sources of sediment and rock outcroppings Completed
Analyze the storm runoff for the existing undeveloped watershed and for the future developed conditions Existing Conditions: Completed;
Future Conditions: Oct. to Nov. 2013
Recommend options and calculate costs for the construction of storm water infrastructure necessary for development. Nov. to Dec. 2013
Investigate various cost reimbursement mechanisms in order for future development to reimburse AMAFCA for cost of right-of-way and construction of storm water infrastructure. Sept. to Dec. 2013
Interview property owners to discuss the project objectives and solicit feedback regarding the project and reimbursement mechanisms. Agenda. Map. Ongoing Sept. to Dec. 2013
Host a public meeting to present the project and solicit feedback from the general public. Notice December 17, 2013