The Study, started in 1999 and completed in 2004, identified major drainage facilities, i.e. backbone projects, for the Southwest Valley.  The COE analyzed flooding throughout the valley floor south of Central Avenue to midway through the Pueblo of Isleta.  The final drainage solution requires improvement of the Isleta Drain, Armijo Drain, new detention ponds and widening of Los Padillas Drain that ultimately sends the water to the Rio Grande. The projects were discussed in over 10 public meetings in 2005 and 2006. The Study resulted in two construction projects, the Southwest Valley Flood Reduction Project and the Black Mesa Project.

The first part of Phase 1 installed an outlet pipe along Raymac Road to the Rio Grande and was completed in 2010.  The total cost of the first Phase of the project, including engineering, right of way acquisition and construction, was over $8.1 million. AMAFCA is currently completing the final design of the last part of Phase 1, known as the Black Mesa Phase 1a Pipe Extension Project, which will connect the three AMAFCA dams to the outfall pipe. Three options have been identified: two options would install the pipe in or along Coors Boulevard, and the third option would install the pipe along the Gun Club Lateral, a MRGCD/Bureau of Reclalmation (BOR) irrigation ditch.

The phase Ia of the project will connect the existing pipe in Raymac Road, cross Coors Blvd. and continue west to the Gun Club Lateral property line. Future phases, currently in design, will compete the pipe to the three gated AMAFCA dams and allow free discharge from those dams.

For more information on the project, contact Lynn Mazur at 884-2215.