What is the Project Schedule?

The AMAFCA Project Schedule identifies projects and planning efforts AMAFCA hopes to accomplish over the next six years. This list of projects has been derived from an extensive survey and analysis of past drainage master planning efforts, which have assessed hundreds of different flood control projects and evaluated their needs and priorities. The list has been developed with input from other local agencies, and is updated every two years. The next update is due to be completed at the end of 2021. Please Note: The Project Schedule is strictly a planning and budgeting document for use by the AMAFCA Board of Directors. This schedule utilized various criteria to establish general project priorities from a technical perspective, which may not necessarily reflect the priorities used by the Board of Directors for funding and construction of individual projects. Specific projects will be funded and scheduled by AMAFCA Board action based on evaluation of public safety needs, cost-sharing benefits, orderly development of flood control infrastructure, overall community needs, and regional planning requirements. The AMAFCA 2020 Project Schedule is an Adobe Acrobat pdf file, formatted for double-sided printing. Although compressed for the web, it is still over 10 MB in size. The Project Schedule will open in a separate window or tab. As the file is large, please allow sufficient time for it to finish downloading.

Click here for the 2020 Project Schedule.


What is the Drainage Policy?

The AMAFCA Board, realizing the importance of setting forth a clear policy regarding drainage in the greater Albuquerque area, updated the Drainage Policy Resolution (ordinance) in 2020. It regulates drainage decisions, drainage facility design, and land alteration within the AMAFCA boundaries.

The policy also sets forth the documentation required for the development review process.

AMAFCA has external hard drives containing various years of MRCOG orthophotography and 2010 LIDAR digital terrain model that are available for check out. Contact Kevin Troutman, GIS Manager, for more information.  Contours derived from the 2010 LIDAR set are available for download from the City of Albuquerque GIS website.