The Executive Committee of the Ditch and Water Safety Task Force (DWSTF) seeks competitive sealed proposals for a Ditch and Water Safety Coordinator.  The complete scope of services, the required cost summary sheet, a sample professional services contract and other background material are available at the Albuquerque Metropolitan Arroyo Flood Control Authority (AMAFCA) office at 2600 Prospect Avenue NE, Albuquerque, NM 87107 in person or by clicking here.  Telephone number is (505) 884-2215.

Proposals shall only be received by email at  between 7:00 AM October 3, 2022, and 2:00 PM October 5, 2022. Please include DWSTF Coordinator in subject line.

Proposals shall be limited to eight pages, excluding a cover letter, table of contents, cost summary sheet, and resumes of proposers as described in the scope of services.  The required AMAFCA-specific Campaign Contribution Disclosure Form, attached to and made a part of the Scope of Services, shall be attached to the proposal and is not included in the page limit. Failure to submit the AMAFCA-specific Campaign Contribution Disclosure Form shall be caused to reject the proposal. The complete Request for Proposals, including the Scope of Services, may be obtained electronically from AMAFCA.

Proposals will be reviewed by the Selection Advisory Committee of the DWSTF. Interviews may be conducted with some firms or individuals submitting proposals. However, proposals may be evaluated without interviews.

Tasks shall be negotiated as part of a Professional Services Agreement and shall conform to the hourly rates submitted with the proposal. Rates shall be valid for the initial one-year term of the agreement.