Starting May 1, 2024, AMAFCA will no longer support Arid Lands Hydrology Model (AHYMO) as an appropriate hydrologic analysis methodology. AHYMO has not been maintained or updated by the originator and is no longer supported by current computer hardware and operating systems. AMAFCA has begun a process to update all Drainage Master Plans from utilization of AHYMO. FEMA will be notified of AMAFCA’s discontinuance of use of the program.

Within 31 calendar days from May 1st 2024, all projects that require AMAFCA’s approval must transition their hydrologic analysis to an alternative hydrologic methodology that conforms to the current acceptable City Development Process Manual or other applicable authority having jurisdiction. By the end 2024 as part of the official establishment of AMAFCA’s technical standards manual, AMAFCA will require that all hydrologic analyses be conducted with the Hydraulic Engineering Center’s Hydrologic Modeling Software (HEC-HMS).

Questions should be directed to AMAFCA’s Planning & Engineering Department at (505) 884-2215 or by email at licensing@amafca.org.