What is a 100-year storm?

The hundred-year storm is better defined as a storm that has a one percent chance of occurring in any given year. Over a 10-year period, there is almost a 10% chance of such a storm. Over a 30-year period (the length of a typical home mortgage), there is a 26% chance of such a storm. Depending on your location in Albuquerque, a hundred-year storm is defined as between 2.2 and 2.9 inches of rain within six hours.

Is my property located in a floodplain?

Please visit our Flood Information page for more information and resources.

How do I get trash cleaned up from an arroyo?

First check the Facilities Maintenance Map or AMAFCA’s Interactive Facilities Map to determine who maintains the arroyo. Then call us at 505-884-2215 if it is maintained by AMAFCA, or, if it is maintained by the city, call City Arroyo Maintenance at 505-857-8250 or City Storm Drain Maintenance at 505-291-6214.

How is AMAFCA funded?

AMAFCA’s sole source of revenue is the ad valorem (property) tax. The capital improvement program is funding by General Obligation Bonds.  Additional funding originates from intergovernmental cooperative agreements, excess land sales, data sales, permit charges and interest.

What mapping or design resources does AMAFCA have available for check-out?

Please see the GIS Maps and Data page or AMAFCA’s Standard Details to learn more.

Who do I report graffiti to?

City of Albuquerque: 311 or (505) 768-4725 / Bernalillo County: (505) 768-4400

What can be done about Mosquito problems?

For more information on Bernalillo County and City of Albuquerque mosquito control and prevention, please visit the below sites.