As the owner of almost a hundred miles of ditches and arroyos in the Albuquerque area, AMAFCA has a special interest in promoting ditch safety. Our storms in New Mexico can arrive quickly, catching residents off guard. Just a few inches of rapidly moving water can knock a person off their feet.

As a result, the “Ditches are Deadly” program, with the slogan “Ditches are Deadly – Stay Away! Find Safe Places to Swim and Play” was developed and is presented to schoolchildren all over the Albuquerque area. Summer ads and public service announcements also remind residents to stay out of the ditches and provides summer swim passes for kids as a way to provide alternative recreation to keep them out of ditches and arroyos during monsoon season.

AMAFCA promotes ditch safety as a member of the “Ditch and Water Safety Team.”  Formed in 1983, members include several city and county agencies who strive to eliminate ditch and arroyo injuries and fatalities through education.

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