Development has occurred in North Albuquerque Acres and the Domingo Baca watershed since the construction of the North Domingo Baca Dam in 1982. The additional runoff from the development required additional storage capacity in the dam and the subsequent dam expansion project.

In the spring of 2022, the AMAFCA Board of Directors authorized the advertisement of construction bids for the North Domingo Baca Dam Improvement Project. The project provides for modifications to the channel inlets and expansion of the dam pool. The project does not impact the existing dam embankment.

North Domingo Baca Stamped Plan set 8.5.2022


  • 1982 – North Domingo Baca Dam Built
  • 1990 & 2000 – Dam Modifications – Grading and Ported Riser
  • 1994 – La Cueva Diversion Completed
  • July 2022 – Award of Construction Contract to Compass Engineering & Construction Services
  • Fall 2022 – Construction started
  • Fall 2003 – Construction finishes

North Domingo Baca Expansion Aerial Photo 12.6.2022

[December 2022]

North Domingo Baca Expansion aerial photo 11.7.2022

[November 2022]

North Domingo Baca Dam Project 11.14.2022

[November 2022]

North Domingo Baca Dam 10.31.2022

[October 2022]

[Updated 2/14/2023]